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Greece and China launch the Year of Culture and Tourism.

  • As one of the important events of the slot opening ceremony "Greece-China Year of Culture and Tourism in 2021" Bronze statue "Socrates and Confucius: The Meeting," created by Chinese sculptor and curator of the National Museum of Art of China (NAMOC) Wu Weishan, was unveiled at the archaeological site of the Ancient Agora near

    the Acropolis in central Athens, Greece, on Thursday.

    The work takes "Dialogue" as its theme and expresses the wisdom and form, spirit and philosophy of Confucius and Socrates through freehand carving.The two sages, representing different cultures, have exchanged ideas and exchanged spirits for thousands of years.

    This not only reflects the vision of mutual learning and common development between Chinese and Greek civilizations. but also represents the common future of humanity.The statue was revealed by Greek and Chinese officials.

    Sculptor Wu said in the video that Confucius and Socrates were the two historical giants of the East and the West. This creation aims to demonstrate the connection between human emotions and a shared vision for a better future.
      October 15, 2021 3:57 AM PDT