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  • Farming industry struggling with rising costs

    Farmers across the south west of England have said say they are struggling to absorb rising costs as food prices continue to...  more
    Last post by gee mong - Jul 3
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  • Transgender hate crimes up 87% in Scotland

    Hate crimes against transgender people rose 87% in the past year, according to the latest figures.
    Once rotated, if you win, you will...  more
    Last post by gee mong - Jun 14
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  • As a route of evaluating what the Fresh new York Giants contain accomplished hence significantly within 2022 NFL free of charge organization, we contain been maintaining a...  more
    Last post by fghjh Udg - May 28
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  • German parliament OKs 3 months of cheaper public transport

    Germany’s parliament gave final clearance Friday to a plan that will allow people to use local transport across...  more
    Last post by gee mong - May 20
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  • Scottish Hospitals Inquiry to focus on ventilation

    A public inquiry into safety at two of Scotland's largest hospitals is set to resume.
    There are many fun สล็อต...  more
    Last post by gee mong - May 8
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  • 3D printed fingertips 'like skin' says University of Bristol

    A 3D-printed fingertip made to help improve prosthetics has a sense of touch like human skin, a study suggests.
    An...  more
    Last post by gee mong - Apr 6
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  • Gojek to introduce temporary flat fee on trips to help drivers cope with rising fuel costs

    Ride-hailing firm Gojek said on Saturday (Mar 19) that it will impose a temporary flat...  more
    Last post by gee mong - Mar 21
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  • Tariq abdallat 
    Last post by Tariq Al-Abdallat - July 16, 2021
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